You are what you eat! Options for home delivery of your pet’s food!

The adage has been around for quite a while but there is some truth to it!! We know that as a pet owner, you want the best for your pets, and you want options!! So, we make sure we have options of where you buy your pet foods and supplies!!

We know that sometimes it is much easier for you to shop online and have your food and supplies delivered directly to your house. So, we offer several ways to shop online!

First, we have our online pharmacy! We know that buying your pet’s medications online can be a convenient way to ensure you don’t run out or need to make extra stops at the clinic. You can order your pet’s medications, food, shampoos and other items you need! They will ship it directly to your house, but any prescription medication requires our authorization. That way you know the medication you ordered is appropriate for your pet! It also preserves any guarantees that come with the products.

We know that there have been several reports of counterfeit products being sold online. Not only are people getting products that are not doing what they think they are, but these counterfeit products can actually be harmful to your pets. We recommend getting your pet’s prescriptions from your veterinarian to ensure they are safe, and you are getting the product you are ordering.

The second option we offer for getting your pet’s food and supplies is ordering direct from Purina Proplan! Click Here to set up an account, you can set up an account to order your food online! You can save 30% on your first order and have free shipping!! Be sure to check it out!! You can also access that link from our website using the Pro Plan link in the upper right corner of our website.

The third option is to contact us at and we will set you up a Hill’s Science Diet Account. We do have to set up the account and get the products authorized for you because many of them are prescription diets for certain conditions. But, once we have it all set up for you, you are good to go and can order as needed from home!

So, instead of heading to the clinic or the big box store, you can save money and time and still providing the best nutrition for your pets, by ordering online and having them shipped to your house!!

Be sure to contact our office if you ever have any questions!!


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