It is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Month!!

How to make your new pet's first months at home easier for everyone!

Bringing home a new pet is exciting! As new pet owners, you will have tons of new experiences with your new cat or dog! But, some of the hardest time are the first month. By being prepared and ready for your new pet, you can eliminate some of the confusion and stress to make it a great time for everyone!!

Here are some tips to make your pet’s transition easier on everyone!!

  • Set up their beds, toys, food and water bowls, scratching posts, crates before bringing new pet home.
  • Take your pet on a tour of the house either on a leash for dogs or under supervision for cats. This allow you to establish the areas that are off limits to your new pet (like the table or couch) from day one.
  • If your pet is trying to go to an area that is off limits, gently but firmly redirect them to an approved area.
  • If your pet is nervous or scared, sitting quietly with them until they come to you. If your pet is happy and excited break out the toys!
  • Make sure your new pet has identification in case they get out.
  • Consider the addition of a Feliway Difuser for new cats!
  • Limit confusion and allow your new pet time to get used to new people, places, and things in the house.
  • Remain calm if your pet becomes scared or confused.
  • Make sure to find out what food they were being fed, how much and how often. Continue this schedule for a little bit then transition slowly to the food and feeding schedule that works best for your household
  • Remember, your new pet may react unexpectedly to words, actions, or items in your house. If you are finding concerns about your new pet’s behavior or health, be sure to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to introduce any new pets to existing pets carefully. Talk to your veterinarian to find out the best method for your situation.

Have fun, this is a magical time in you and your pet’s life so be sure to stop and have some fun!! This is a great time to see what activities your new pet loves to do!!



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