Gentle Leader Magic!!

Isn’t this kid adorable?! Miss Aurora was in today to have a gentle leader fitted.

*My kiddo Kiara traveled with us for Christmas recently. I heard many people ask why she wears a ‘muzzle’. The gentle leader is many things, but not a muzzle.

*A dog can bark, eat, drink, bite🤭 with a gentle leader on.

*The gentle leader is safer for the throat of dogs, especially toy breeds susceptible to collapsing trachea and high energy large breed dogs (I’m talking about you Labradors🙂).

*Its design is specific to stop pulling. The harness tends to encourage pulling as the pull is across the shoulders rather than the point of the nose. (Nothing against the harness, many dogs do well, and suggested in the collapsing trachea dogs, but if your dog pulls, we recommend a gentle leader.)

*It is snug behind the neck, almost like a pinch from their mother, and relatively loose on the nose so it’s comfortable.

*The leash then attaches to the underside of the nose, giving you full control of the direction of where your dog goes.

*We recommend a minimum of one hour in our care and we will fit it (and adjust if growing!) for you. The correct fit is important!

When I see dogs with a gentle leader, some may give sloppy kisses, some bite my finger off, others bark until the sun comes up, but they all walk well on a leash!

Dr. Brandon


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