Hospitality Services


To ensure the health and well-being of all of our guests and of our staff, we require proof of current vaccinations and deworming from your Veterinarian. We will also do physical exams, immunizations, and minor treatments at your request.

We’ll be happy to give you both a tour of Happy Tails Pet Lodge and Hilltop Pet Daycare/Boarding/Grooming. Come see how much fun our guests have, and give us an opportunity to get to know you. We’ll want to know what (and when) your pet likes to eat, his favorite tickle spot, his nickname, what medications he’ll need, the name and phone number of his Veterinarian, and anything else we’ll need to know to make his visit with us happy and carefree. With gentle words, capable hands, and caring hearts …We know how concerned you are when you and your pet have to take separate vacations. With the information you give us, we’ll do our best to maintain their “usual” schedules, and to provide the care they – and you – expect. We want to make sure they enjoy their vacation as much as you enjoy yours!…we guarantee lots of TLC!


Dog and cat grooming is more important than you might think for your pet’s health and quality of life and is an essential part of pet ownership. Our groomers take grooming seriously and recommend a customized plan depending on the breed, age, fur type, and special needs of your furry friend. We use a gentle touch and have an eye for hairstyles! 😉Our groomers really will help your dog or cat look and feel their very best. Our grooming services include bathing, shampooing, brush-outs, de-matting, clipping, nail grinding, anal gland treatment, teeth brushing, flea baths, ear cleaning, and more.

Doggie Day Care

Much like you, your furry friend is an energetic, social animal requiring both mental and physical stimulation. That, and dogs like running around and playing all day! Just because you’re stuck in a cubicle from 9-5 doesn’t mean your BFF should be stuck in a crate or an empty house. Whether your dog is the puppy who has lots more energy and leisure time than you or the aging ‘couch potato,’ doggie daycare at Beebout Veterinary Medical Center could be just what you need.

We do require all of our canine guests to be up to date on their vaccinations, so we can provide a safe, happy environment for all. If you think you might be interested in this service, please come in and check us out—or fill out the form below to reserve your dog’s spot in our program!

Puppy Kindergarten/Canine College

Getting your new puppy started off on the right paw is important! The sooner you teach him or her the right behaviors and manners the less time you’ll have to spend changing those unwanted behaviors later on down the road. Our Puppy Kindergarten classes are meant to be a fun and engaging time for you and your puppy, designed to show your puppy that the world is not a big scary place while also teaching them valuable skills in focus, engagement and the ability to learn to ignore distractions and have good manners.

If you have an older dog or want to continue your puppy’s training beyond Puppy Kindergarten, we also offer advanced obedience training, American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen testing, agility training, and animal-assisted therapy training. Working with your dog on a regular basis establishes a bond of love and respect between you and your dog that will enrich both of your lives for a lifetime!

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